1994 - 3.8 Naturally Aspirated - Water Pump

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Oct 18, 2023
Thunderbird Year
I've been reading and searching this subject here, and elsewhere on the web for a few days.
My question is this:

Did they change any of the bracket configurations on this model car? I've seen post and videos where the PS bracket or pulley is claimed to be a beast for this simple swap.
However, after looking at my new pump and the car itself, and walking to the car; it does not appear that mine is in the way and can be easily replaced with the normal process of removing WP Pulley, and draining the radiator etc.

Or, am I blind and fooling myself. lol

Thanks in advance! Cheers!!

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Replacing the water pump is usually not a terrible ordeal. On some cars the power steering bracket may be attached to one of the water pump bolts, requiring it's removal.