1993 - Passive Restraint module removal

Last seen
Sep 4, 2023
Thunderbird Year
I am having an issue with the passenger seat belt not moving to the A Pillar. A few weeks back, it worked intermittently and then stopped. It would work, after I had closed the driver door. I have switched out all of the door switches and that didn't do anything. I am thinking it worked, due to vibration from closing the door. I am guessing there might be a wiring issue, but need to see the wires in the box in the trunk. It appears that they are held on by some black caps. I am not sure if those are the actual bolts that keep it in place and you need a special tool or what.
I just want to be able to open it to see if there is any loose wiring. I also have a service manual, that if I get it opened, I can run some of the tests that they propose in the book.

Does anyone know how to remove that box, so I an get access to the inside?

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