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Jul 16, 2021
Thunderbird Year
Hello all!

New to this forum, but not to T-birds. I just bought another 1992 Sport Coupe. (My 3rd one over time) Well, actually, I got it for my wife to take to cruise-ins and shows with me. I have a 1969 VW show car. I thought she might like something of her own.... with a/c! lol

Quick summary of me. I was a tech at several dealerships for 22 years. Toyota and Subaru primarily. Now I work at a papermill. Big change of scenery! I have been building air-cooled VW's, Camaro's, Mustang's Caprices's, AMC's, hot rods of all types basically. I have had 2 other 92 5.0 Birds in the past. 1 with a 5spd swap. Great road cars no doubt. So when it came time to get the wife a cruiser, they were one of the things I first looked at.

Now, about the car. It is a Dark Plum with grey/black interior. The inside is mint! Mileage is unknown. Speedo has been changed because it quit working and the odo doesn't work on this one. During a search, I found out about the gears being replaceable so that is high on the to-do list. The paint is trash in that great 90's clear coat tradition so it will be getting a repaint in the near future. I may add more (or larger) metal flake, or go with a red pearl over the factory DP color. I haven't decided yet. At least the body is solid with no rust!

Mods are CAI, true dual exhaust w/ no cats, modded ecu, chrome 07 Ford 500 wheels, aluminum radiator, aftermarket fans, nothing too drastic.

I look forward to learning and contributing when I can. Nice to meet you all, and I will start a thread when I start doing a few changes on it.


I know, I know.... Pics or it didn't happen! LOL
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Neat color, was wondering where did ya get the wheels, I've seen them somewhere before, Sable maybe aftermarket........