Roadside Assistance plans, AAA or Hagerty?

Asking for any advice choosing between the two.
If I had bought roadside assistance every year for the 36 years I have been driving, I would have paid FAR MORE than just paying a locksmith or wrecker. In addition to that, this is now included with some insurance plans and/or credit cards.

Complete waste of money and when you use AAA they often send some of the worst people in town and they take forever.
I have been very pleased with the service provided by Hagerty. Not used wrecker service, but used their damaged claim service and they were OUTSTANDING !!!!
Asking for any advice choosing between the two.
I have Hagerty insurance for value, and coverage separately on another company for rest. Very reasonable!
I will investigate the charges for roadside, as I was not aware. Thank you! I did look at AAA and with our other policy, it was cheaper to stay with that coverage a year. Will check back when I get $$ for Hagerty.Nj
USAA has been great for me. I choose to drive mine more than would be allowed for antique tags or collector insurance such as Hagerty. She's licenced and insured as a daily driver, and towing is included. Sometimes she doesn't want to act like a daily driver, though. But for me, working on it is half the charm of owning a vintage vehicle.